Why Choose Us

Let’s be honest… you need someone who understands your business and has been there and done that. As a published author, speaker, and sought after marketing expert, I know what it takes to build a powerful platform. Either you don’t have time to manage your copywriting and marketing yourself, or you don’t know how – that’s what I do.

As your partner I will connect to the truth of who you are, your vision, and what makes you unique. I can help you shine your light more brightly so you can empower people around the world to unleash their potential.

Here’s 9 strengths that set me apart:

Experience – Who better to help you write and create celebrity level marketing materials than someone who has been there and done that in their own career. I have published a bestselling book. I have spoken at events around the country. My business advice has been featured on radio, in newspapers, and in major magazines. I did at 20 city TV media tour to promote my book. I understand what it takes to build a platform and get known world wide for what you do.

Intuitive – I have an incredible gift of being able to connect to who you are on a soul level. This helps me see your strengths, brilliance, and unique voice. This helps me to clarify and amplify the power of your marketing messages to make that right on target. You’ll magnetically attract perfect clients because your messaging is in perfect alignment with who you are.
Implementation – I am positive, passionate and driven. I have the ability to turn ideas into easy action plans so we can get things done quickly.
Communication – My biggest strength is my ability to write. I love conversational writing that speaks the language of your tribe and is influential in getting them to take action.

Powerful Belief – Simply said, I believe in you. I know that you have incredible gifts and talents that make a difference. It is my greatest joy to unleash your superpowers in ways that can inspire, educate, and motivate. I also believe in the power of synchronicity. If you are reading this right now, there is a reason you are here. I believe that we were contracted to work together. It would be my greatest joy to help you be all you can be by sharing you light in your business.

Energy and Enthusiasm – If you want a cheerleader, I am your girl. The number one thing people say is that I have incredible energy that is contagious. When you work with me I bring you into my magic vortex. Your work will be infused with new fire, passion, and power. You will be inspired in a way that will drive you to RISE up and ROAR!

Creative Problem Solver – I have the ability to find connections between ideas that you may never have thought of before. This helps me to create unique positioning and innovative spins to sharing your message.

Lifelong Learner – My deepest desire is to continually educate myself. There is always something you can learn in life. I have mentored with some of the most incredible teacher on the plant to grow my knowledge about speaking, copywriting, building expert status, publicity, and growing a six figure business. This gives me the leading edge to bring my very best into our work.

Systematizer – I am able to look at concepts and quickly break them down into systems. This helps me to quickly develop products and programs. Plus I can arrange and the pieces and parts of what you to together in a way that raises your perceived value and helps you communicate it all in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

I’d love to opportunity to work with you. Let’s talk about the ways I can help you share your Awesome Sauce with the world!