Who I Help

Angela, the Heart-centered Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Angela. I am a heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to make a bigger impact on the world. My deepest desire is to creating life-changing programs and products to empower others. I care so much about helping others that I usually put my business needs on the back end. I know if I knew what to do and had support I could really grow my business.

Who you are

You are a creative entrepreneur who loves serving others and are ready to play a bigger game. You have so much to share with the world. Your passion is making a difference in the lives of others. Now you are ready to start making some real money in your business.

What your issues tend to be

While you are making money, you need to ramp up the profits. You have no idea how to create a brand. You feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do to market your business. You want to create a line of products, but aren’t sure how to get started. You’d love to be featured in the headlines of major magazines, but are just getting starting to get your name out there. You’ve read dozens of articles, taken seminars, and hired coaches to learn about brand, boosting visibility, creating expert status, developing products, and building a tribe but you are so busy working in your business that you can’t implement these things. You need someone to structure, support, and accountability to get it all done.

What you need most right now

Imagine how your world would change if you had one simple plan and expert help to grow your impact and income? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone review your business, tell you what you need, and help you make it happen? Your whole world would change! No longer would you have to pick up the phone or beat the pavement to get new clients. Your dream clients would be showing up at your doorstep. Publishers will be calling you with six figure book advances. You’ll be asked to appear on TED Talks. You’d get your own column in the Huffington Post. You’ll build a cult following of raving fans! Are you ready for that kind of success in your business?

What’s your next step

If you’re ready to change lives, create deeper impact with your work, and finally make the income you deserve in your business…then AwesomeSauce is right for you.