Kristie’s story is a compelling one. With a message that’s as motivational as it is grounded in business sense, it’s easy to see how Kristie Purner has carved out her niche into the world of heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Kristie Purner is founder of Awesome Sauce Marketing Group. Her work is transforming the way leading experts share their message with her proven revenue and marketing strategies that every thought leader needs to build a tribe, incite a movement, and spark massive change.

Kristie has lived a fully charged life, and she’s dedicated to helping inspired entrepreneurs to transform their lives and have great impact and influence. Kristie is a sought after advocate for socially conscious entrepreneurs worldwide. She has made it her life’s work to help others find their voice, step into their power, and make a difference.

Kristie has appeared on television and radio worldwide. Her business advice has been featured on the Dr. Laura show, CNN and the Entrepreneur magazine with her articles being featured in over 100 publications including Brand Channel, Home Business Magazine and others.

Kristie’s advice to other entrepreneurs? “Believe in the beauty of your dreams. Don’t play small. The world needs the gifts that only you have to share.”
– Kristie Purner